Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer Review

Deep Fryer

If take your fried foods seriously and are looking for a deep fryer that can handle cooking on the professional level, the Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer will be right up your alley. This is a large, stylish and convenient fryer that can cook just about any fried foods efficiently, easily and perfectly. Everything about the DF280 seems like a professional fryer from the looks of the fryer to the results it produces.


High-capacity and high-performance

One of the most obvious benefits of this fryer is its large capacity. The one-gallon stainless steel oil container can cook up to 2.3 pounds of food at a time which should be more than enough crispy fried goodies for the entire family. It also comes with three separate mesh cooking baskets that allow for versatility in cooking. The two smaller baskets can be used to cook different types of food at the same time, while keeping them separated. The single large basket is ideal for cooking longer or larger foods– such as chicken or fish– that do not fit into average-sized fryer baskets.

Although it has a high oil capacity, it still heats relatively quickly. The 1800 watt removable immersion heating element heats the oil to the ideal temperature within less than 15 minutes. Just as importantly, it is able to maintain a constant temperature even after the food has been dropped in. This is not only important for time, it also ensures the food is cooked evenly and perfectly every time.


Digital display and timer

In addition to the large cooking capacity and the great performance, the DF280 has many additional features and benefits to make the cooking process easier. The digital display allows you to accurately select the correct temperature and ensure that it remains consistent throughout cooking. It beeps when the oil is hot enough for cooking, and the 60-minute digital timer helps you know your food will cook properly without standing around and checking your watch.


Additional safety features

Other benefits of this model make frying safer and more efficient.The lid is different from more common deep fryer lids in two important ways. First, it has a viewing window which allows you to watch your food cook and take any guesswork out of the frying process. Secondly, it is vented which makes for a more efficient and safer cooking process. This vented lid allows steam to escape while keeping the oil in and helps to prevent spills and burns.

On all three of the mesh baskets that are included, the handles are cool to the touch, reducing burn potential. Also there is a sufficient amount of space between the outer walls of the unit and the interior oil reservoir to keep the outside from getting hot during cooking. This is not the case with other fryers that can be hot to the touch and create large safety concerns. It also has a magnetic safety plug and skid-resistant feet to help keep the fryer from spilling or moving around.


A sleek, modern small appliance

One thing that certainly sets the DF280 apart from other fryers is the way it looks. Most deep fryers are not exactly aesthetically pleasing; they are utilitarian and good for getting the job done and being put back away. That is not the case with this fryer. The people at Waring have developed a deep fryer that actually looks like a nice modern appliance. It consists of brushed stainless steel on the outside, and the handles and digital display create for a fryer that you can be proud to leave on the counter after you are done cooking. The basket handles fold down completely to create more counter space or allow for easy storage should you decide to put it away.


Features and Specs

– Cooks up to 2.3 pounds of food at once
– 1800 watts of power
– Adjustable thermostat with digital display
– 60-minute digital timer
– One large basket; two smaller baskets
– Modern design
– Brushed stainless steel exterior remains cool to the touch
– Viewing window in the cooking lid
– Ventilated cooking lid
– Magnetic safety plug
– Stainless steel oil reservoir
– One-year limited manufacturer warranty


Pros and Cons of Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer


Large capacity; cooks up to 2.3 pounds of food at once
Three different cooking baskets allow for versatility in frying
Easy to use digital display and timer
Multiple safety features including a magnetic safety plug, slide-resistant feet, handles and exterior that are cool to the touch
Sleek, modern design
Ventilated lid with viewing window to allow for perfect cooking without having to lift lid
Easy cleaning, maintenance and care


On the pricier end of the spectrum
Even with folding handles, a fryer this large can be a little bulky



The Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer is undoubtedly one of the best fryers on the market. It has tons of cool features like the digital display, but most importantly, it produces some of the best results. Not only does it cook food perfectly every time, the large capacity means it can cook lots of it. It is a bit pricier, but you would be paying for quality that would make it worth it in the long run.

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