Secura Triple Basket Deep Fryer with Timer Free Odor Filter Review

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4.4/5 on August 19, 2017

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1,809 reviews


It cooks food fast
Holds a large quantity of food
The food is browned perfectly
Doesn’t use a lot of oil
It is easy to clean
It is simple to use
You can control the temperature easily
The light lets you know when you it’s time to cook


The baskets are flimsy
The plug has a loose fit
The temperature sensor is too close to the heating element
The lid has sharp edges
Some units may not work properly
It is large, and doesn’t fit comfortably in cabinets


If you’re looking for a deep fryer, you can use this one to cook a variety of dishes. It works perfectly for fish, chicken and chips since you can choose one of the baskets that is the most suitable for the food you want to cook. Though it may not fit in smaller kitchens, you can use it where it fits on the countertop. If you look for a deep fryer that you can use to feed the whole family, this one is perfect for you.

If you love fried food and want to cook the fried food to feed your whole family, a home deep fryer is suitable for you. Which deep fryer is best for you depends on many factors such as time and temperature control. If you live alone or have a small family, you can pick a deep fryer with small capacity. However, if you want to feed a large family, the Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer is an excellent choice. Here are the reasons why it is one of the best deep fryers on the market.

Highlighted Features

Secura Deep Fryer


Quick Heating

The immersion element runs at 1700 watts that allows it to heat up quickly and efficiently. The heating element recovers oil quickly to keep the heat trapped inside. When you’re ready to cook, you can turn it up, and wait a few minutes before you start cooking. The food will cook in just a few minutes, allowing you to spend more time eating.

Fry Multiple Foods


Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer with Timer Free Extra Odor Filter


If you love fish and chips, this is the deep fryer for you. The fryer will cook two different foods at the same time. There are three different fry baskets, allowing you to put food in each basket. The jumbo basket will fry chicken perfectly, while the side by side baskets allow you to cook smaller batches of food. You can mix and match onion rings and French fries without worrying about crossing flavors. Even with foods with different cook times, you can make a perfect dish every time.


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Easy Cleaning

The deep fryer has a 4.2-liter removable oil tank that makes it easy to clean up. You can take the tank out and put it in the dishwasher to make sure it’s completely clean. You can reach every spot of the deep fryer and getting all the difficult places to reach. The baskets are also easy to clean. You can remove the handles and put the baskets and handles in the dishwasher.

Heat Control

The heat control is adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect temperature for every food. It is adjustable between 250-375 degrees F. The odor filter prevents burning and other smells from creeping into your kitchen. Even if you’re cooking fish, you won’t have to worry about a lingering smell. The see-thru window allows to watch your food to make sure it cooks properly. It’s ideal for getting the perfect temperature for every type of food you’re cooking.

Automatic Timer

The automatic timer is adjustable for up to 60 minutes. You can set the timer, and when the time is up, it will shut down the heating element. When the deep fryer is ready, a light will turn on to let you know when you can start cooking. It’s ideal for those who need to focus on cooking different foods.

Odor reduction

Although this appliance does not come with any oil filters, it does have a carbon filter that really helps with any smell in the kitchen. When you have the lid on, all vapors pass through the carbon to filter the odors. The company suggests that you replace the white and black carbon filters every 12 months so that they work efficiently.

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