Presto 05466 Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer Review

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4.5/5 on August 19, 2017

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Large enough to cook meals for the entire family or for parties
Oblong-shaped baskets are ideal for cooking longer strips of food like chicken or fish
Comes completely apart and makes cleaning easy
Charcoal air filter in cover to reduce odor
Adjustable thermostat and indicator light for ideal cooking temperature
Foldable handles take up less room on the counter and make for easy storage


Some complaints of oil not remaining at correct temperature during cooking. This is due to the placement of the elements. Experts advise to stir the oil with the the basket if this happens.
Even with the foldable handles, it will take up more space than other household fryers
Lacks some of the “bells and whistles” of more expensive models


The Presto 50466 Pro DualFry Deep Fryer is the best large deep fryer ideal for families or people who entertain frequently. Its 12-cup capacity means it can fry up enough delicious goodies for the whole party or the entire family. It is a simple unit and lacks some fancier features, but it is very affordable. If you want a fryer that will bring restaurant quality-- and quantity-- foods to your home without breaking the bank, this is the fryer for you.

Does your entire family love crispy fried goodies? Are you tired of small deep fryers that can only fit enough food for one person at a time? If that is the case, the Presto 05466 Dual ProFry Immersion Element Fryer is the answer for you.

The is a professional grade fryer that is designed for home use. You are probably already familiar with the fact that most household fryers are relatively small and only cook enough food for one to two individuals at a time. That is not the case with the Dual ProFry. It is one of the best deep fryers with large capacity. This baby will cook up enough crispy chicken, golden brown french fries or any other tasty fried treats for you and your whole family.

Presto is one of the most well-known and trusted manufacturers of small appliances, and they create some of the best and most reliable deep fryers on the market. They developed the Dual ProFry with the intention of making restaurant quality fried foods easy to make at home. One of the larger home fryers currently available, this model can hold 12 cups of oil and up to five pounds of food at once. At 1800 watts of power, it heats the oil quickly and fries up your food to the perfect point of crispy goodness.

Highlighted Features

Dual Baskets

Something else that sets this fryer apart from the competition are the dual oblong-shaped baskets. The oblong design allows for longer strips of chicken, fish and other foods that may not fit into traditional fryer baskets. The dual baskets each take up half of the space in the oil and are great for separating foods while cooking more than one type at a time. There is also a single large basket that can be purchased separately, if the dual baskets are not right for your cooking needs.


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Great Heating and Recovery Time

The Presto Dual ProFry has an adjustable thermostat that can be set up to 375 degrees, which is the ideal cooking temperature for most fried foods. The 1800 watt immersion element can heat up to 12 cups of oil quickly and reach the perfect temperature in just as little time as smaller fryers. It allows for fast preheating and oil temperature recovery time. There is also an indicator light next to the adjustable thermostat that will let you know when the oil has reached the desired temperature.

The cover on this model also aids in preheating and cooking, but it serves additional purposes. It is obviously great to reduce splashing, allowing for less cleanup and reduced safety risk. The cover also has a charcoal air filter which helps to reduce the odor during heating and cooking.

Comes Completely Apart

The Presto Dual ProFry is also easy to clean. The entire unit can be taken apart including the baskets, enameled pot and even the heating element, making cleaning and maintaining the fryer a breeze. Although it is one of the larger deep fryers on the market, it does not take up as much space as one might think. The basket handles can be folded down completely to create more space and make for easy storage.

Simply put, this fryer is designed for a family that loves fried foods. Many of us know the frustration of cooking several batches of the same food because we can only fit a certain amount in the fryer at a time. While you’re cooking the next batch for the family, the first one is getting cold on the counter. This will not be the case with the Presto Dual ProFry. It will bring restaurant quality taste– and serving size– to your home.

Product Features

– 1800 watt dual element immersion fryer
– Oblong-shaped baskets with foldable handles
– Manually adjustable thermostat, up to 375 degrees
– Indicator light for temperature
– Baskets, enameled pot, and heating element removable
– Holds up to 12 cups of oil
– Cooks up to five pounds of food at a time
– Stainless steel construction
– Built to North American Electrical Standards
– 1 year limited manufacturer warranty

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