Presto 05450 DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer Review

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4.5/5 on August 3, 2018

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Dual compartments for making two kinds of fried food at once

Cast aluminum construction with non-stick finish

Cool-touch handles

Automatically cooking oil temperature control

Snap on storage lid allows you to store cooking oil for filtering and reus


Sides of the fryer are NOT cool to the touch

Temperature control is not adjustable

Open fryer means extra caution should be used when working around this fryer


Anyone looking to keep things simple when making fried foods need look no further than the Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer. Use the center divider to prepare fries on one side and jalapeno poppers on the other without either food leaking flavor into the other. The magnetic safety breakaway electric cord makes it one of the safest countertop deep fryers available, and the snap on lid means you can filter and reuse your cooking oil multiple times to save money. Best of all this is essentially a set and forget fryer. Turn it on, wait for the temperature indicator to let you know you can add your food, and lower your fresh or frozen ready-to-fry foods into the hot oil for perfectly crispy snacks, appetizers, and entrees. Presto is also one of the best brands for deep fryer. Several models from this brand are in our list of best deep fryers. Bottom line, if you need an easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store electric deep fryer, the Presto DualDaddy provides excellent value for the money.

Here is the Presto 05450 DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer Review. One of the most refreshing things about the DualDaddy is how little there is in the box. Some might argue that means you don’t get as much for your money. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at the features that make the Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer such an excellent value.

Presto 05450 DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer Review

Easy to Use Fryer

This deep fryer is easy and safe to use. Simply remove the fryer, slotted fryer scoop, and magnetic breakaway safety cord and set your DualDaddy up on a convenient level surface.

Add the cooking oil of your choice, plug it in, turn it on, and wait around 15 minutes for the temperature light to tell you it’s ready. All you have to do is put your food in the hot oil and cook it to your desired level of crispiness before using the slotted scoop to lift your hot, delicious deep-fried food out and onto a plate to cool. It’s a deep fryer that’s simple enough, safe enough, and easy enough for anyone to use at home with minimal setup and maintenance.


Automatic Temperature Control

Anyone who deep fries with oil on a regular basis will tell you that one of the most difficult aspects of preparing good fried food is keeping the oil temperature constant while the food is cooking. With the DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer, you don’t have to worry about that at all. The fryer just needs to be plugged in and turned on, and it will handle the rest for you. No thermometer to watch, and no complicated controls to operate: just set and  forget!

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Cast Aluminum Construction With Non-Stick Coating

Shoddy workmanship and poor quality materials is the chief cause of appliance failure at home. Electric deep fryers are not immune to this problem. Fortunately, the Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer is made from one piece of high quality cast aluminum. Not only does this allow the fryer to heat oil faster and more efficiently than other materials, but it also cools more rapidly when you’re all finished, too. Cast construction also means it’s less susceptible to shrinking and expanding with use, keeping your handles and base tightly fixed to the fryer itself. Best of all, the non-stick coating means that cleaning this fryer out after use and draining the cooking oi is a much easier process.


Snap-On Storage Lid

Cooking oil can be filtered and reused multiple times. This benefit makes the DualDaddy a much more economical way to deep fry food. Once the oil has cooled enough after use, just pour it through a filter into a separate container. Then pour the filtered cooking oil back into the DualDaddy. Snap the lid on top, and you’re good to put the whole thing in storage until the next time you need to prepare some deep fried food.

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Dual Frying Chambers

Presto 05450 DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer Review

Possibly the best feature of the Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer is the removable center divider. When you are preparing multiple fried foods with vastly different seasoning, frying everything in the same fryer can be a problem since the particles from each food intermingle and affect the flavor of the other food. Thanks to center divider, you can prevent your two fried foods from affecting each others flavor easily. Just pop it in the slot before you turn on the fryer. Then make up two different crispy delights simultaneously without having to worry about cross contamination of the flavor.

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