Power Air Fryer Review – The Best XL Air Fryer for the Money

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4.4/5 on August 28, 2017

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Durable construction
Extra large capacity
Black or red color design
Easy to use digital controls
Cooking set included for more complex meals
Recipe book to get you started
High-powered element cooks fast
Easy to clean and store
Doesn’t overwhelm your countertop
Make healthier meals in less time
Stay cool exterior and handle
Digital timer
Seven preset cooking options


In rare cases, the basket may start to bend from the heat
Thicker cuts of meat may take several rounds to fully cook on the inside


Do you love fried food? Do you wish that there was a way for you to enjoy your favorite dishes without having a ton of fat and grease to worry about afterward? Well, if so, then you will love the Power Air Fryer. This revolutionary product enables you to cook all of your favorite fried foods without adding buckets of oil to the process. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, let’s take a look and see what this remarkable device has to offer.

An air fryer is one of the kitchen appliances that not only give you a convenient way but also a healthy way to cook your favorite food. How does an air frying work? Simply put, rather than having to heat a batch of canola oil to the right temperature and dunk your food until it’s cooked, air frying instead uses superheated circulated air to heat the ingredients from the outside in.

Because of this method, each dish comes out with a thick, crispy layer of crunchy goodness, similar to what you would have with a traditional fryer. The best part, however, is that you not only don’t use oil, but you reduce the amount of fat in your food because it drains out the bottom.

Power Air Fryer Features

Large 5.3 Quart Capacity

Making enough food for the whole family is always a bit of a complicated thing because not everyone will enjoy everything the same. Nonetheless, you have to be able to make enough in a single batch so that you and your children aren’t fighting over the last serving.

Fortunately, the Power Air Fryer doesn’t have this problem because it provides ample space for all your favorite dishes. Whether it’s meat, vegetables, or a combination of both, you can fit more than enough to feed everyone at the table. It’s so big that you can fit a whole small chicken in there! Check out all XL air fryer reviews.

This also helps when making batches of sides like fries. Once your family gets a taste of air fried potatoes, they will be hooked. As such, you need to be able to satisfy their appetite, which isn’t an issue with this extra large cooker.

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6-in-1 Cooking Features

Even though this product is considered a “fryer,” that doesn’t do justice to the kind of versatility you can expect from it. In fact, there are six different ways that you can prepare your next meal, making this one of the most valuable kitchen appliances you can own. In addition to frying, you can:

  • Grill meats and veggies without burning them over an open flame
  • Roast your favorite dishes to perfection
  • Steam fish and other seafood until it’s soft and flaky
  • Bake your favorite desserts in less time than a standard oven
  • Saute ingredients so that they come out juicier and more flavorful

Best of all, the Power Air Fryer also comes with seven different preset options, meaning that you don’t even have to do any guesswork when it comes to making a great meal. Feel free to try all kinds of dishes and see what this machine is capable of.


Digital Touch Screen

One of the primary reasons that you will love this Air Fryer is that it makes cooking so easy. With a press of a button, you can create delicious meals without any risk of burning or overcooking. If you’ve ever accidentally left something on the grill or in the oven, then you know how valuable it can be to have a device that handles everything for you.

Along with the preset cooking buttons, the Power Air Fryer also comes with a digital timer and adjustable temperature setting. This way you can customize your cooking experience and create meals that you may never have thought possible before.


3-Piece Cooking Set + Recipe Book

You may be wondering how exactly you can roast and saute foods in an air fryer when the bottom is designed to capture grease and drippings. The answer is that this machine also comes with extra utensils to provide a complete cooking experience.

A deep copper pot enables you to make your favorite dishes without losing any of the flavors. A saute pan gives you even more flexibility in how you prepare your next meal. The device also comes with a set of stainless steel tongs so that you can flip your meat over and ensure that it gets cooked to perfection.

Finally, we know that you probably don’t know how much you can do with this remarkable air fryer. This is why you get a free cookbook to help you get started. If all you can imagine is making batches of fries and wings, this booklet will open your mind and empower you to experiment with all kinds of meals. The only limit is your imagination.

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