NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer 6 qt Review

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4.6/5 on July 19, 2018

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Large capacity air fryer
Ideal for families
Preset options make it easy to use
Digital control buttons for convenience
Doesn’t take up too much counter space
Precise temperature control for better results
Dehydrates food in addition to frying
Cook all your favorites, including steak and fish
Three wattage settings for precise control
Basket divider provided for cooking two items


In rare cases, the exterior can get hot while cooking
In some instances, the door sensor may not work properly


When it comes to making dinner for you and your family, you will find that the Brio Digital Air Fryer is a perfect way to bring everyone together for a delicious meal. Air frying is such a convenient method that you’ll want to find new ways to incorporate it into your life.

If you’re trying to eat healthily, you know that it’s a struggle. Cooking for your family can also be a challenge because it seems like all of the best food is full of fat and grease. Fortunately, with air frying technology, you can enjoy all of your favorite dishes with a fraction of the calories. In this NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer 6 qt review, we will tell you benefits of air fryers, key features of this air fryer, pros and cons. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Key Benefits of an Air Fryer

Less Oil

One of the most excellent benefits of using an air fryer is that it is good for your health. Air frying is a revolutionary way of cooking that is both fast and efficient. Rather than cooking your meal in boiling oil, superheated air circulates around it and delivers a crisp outer shell and a perfectly heated inside. The results are phenomenal, and it has the same flavor and texture as regular fried food, with less oil or even without the fat! Learn more about why an air fryer is good for your health.

Less Mess

Unlike deep fryers, air fryers cook using hot air instead of hot oil. Therefore, you don’t end up with a big oily mess when you’re done. This small appliance also eliminates problems with bad smell when you fry your favorite food with oil.

Multi Cooker

Most air fryers not only can fryer but also can bake, roast and grill as convection ovens do. Some digital air fryers also come with preset menu such as fries, frozen fries, nuggets, steak, poultry, or fish. All you have to do is to select the right menu button and wait for perfectly delicious dish to be done.

Check out other benefits of using an air fryer.


NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer 6 qt Review

NuWave Brio Digital Air Fryer 6 qt Review

Fully Adjustable Temperature Settings

If you go to a restaurant, they are always able to make your food the right way every time. But how can they do that reliably with each order? The answer is that they have temperature controls that ensure that the fryer or oven is at a precise reading.

With the Brio Air Fryer, you can customize your cooking temperature as much as you like, all with the push of a button. The heat ranges from 100 to 400 degrees, and it’s adjustable in five-degree increments for accuracy and precision.

Cooking with an air fryer will take a little while to get used to, so this machine also comes with a recipe booklet to help you get started. Once you see how fast and easy it is to make dinner, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Digital Timer

One of the issues with traditional frying is that you have to be there to watch your food cook. If you’re not present, then grease can start to spray everywhere, and your meal will get ruined in a second. It’s messy and can lead to some severe oil burns if you’re not careful.

With digital air frying, however, you can set a timer and leave it alone. Once you have a handle on how long it takes to cook different items, you will discover that cooking takes less patience and skill than you might have thought. Best of all, this timer can be set for up to 100 hours, allowing you to program your meal ahead of time for even more convenience.

Six Preset Options

One of the best things about the Brio Air Fryer is that it’s so easy to use. A digital interface is much more user-friendly than a pot of oil on the stove, and the people at NuWave have even taken it a step further.

This machine comes with six different preset options already installed. Now you don’t even have to refer to the recipe book to know how to cook your favorite dish. Simply place it in the basket, press the corresponding button, and wait for the ding.

NuWave knows what kinds of food people love to cook the most, so the preset options are: fries, frozen fries, nuggets, steak, poultry, and fish. Yes, you can cook steak and fish in this fryer! We were amazed by the results, and we’re sure that you’ll be, too.

The NuWave Air Fryer can also cook the whole chicken. With a size of 6 qt, this fryer can perfectly cook a 5lb chicken with plenty of extra space for air circulation. However, if you usually cook a larger chicken for the whole family, a NuWave oven may be more suitable for your cooking need. Let’s check out our NuWave oven reviews.

Preheat and Reheat Buttons

Although cooking is the primary purpose of this device, what about when you want to reheat your leftovers? Sure, you could use a microwave, but that usually makes your food soft and soggy, especially if you’re trying to warm old fries.

With the Brio Digital Air Fryer, you can use the reheat option instead. This way, you get the same crisp outer layer without overheating your food and making it inedible. This is just another way that the makers at NuWave want to make your frying experience as effortless as possible.

The LED touch pad control panel also comes with a pre-heat option. You can preheat before frying. The process should take 3-5 minutes. After it is pre-heated, it will beep. Then you can add food in the basket.

Works as a Dehydrator

Have you ever thought about dehydrating your food? This process is gaining popularity in recent years because you can make all kinds of healthy snacks for you and your family. Unfortunately, dehydration takes forever and a day to do in the oven, which makes it prohibitive for most people.

Thankfully, this digital air fryer also comes with a dehydration setting. Now, in as little as 3.5 hours, you can have perfectly dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and even meat! Feel free to experiment and try all kinds of options and see what snacks you can create. When it’s this easy to do, you can get creative.

Cook Multiple Foods at the Same Time

To make it even more versatile, the basket also comes with a divider. This allows you to cook multiple foods at the same time, ensuring that you can spend less time on meal preparation and more time on eating. Whether you’re preparing dinner for the family or making snacks for a party, this additional feature will make your life so much easier.

You can also use an accessory kit that comes with this air fryer for more cooking options and larger capacity. It includes a deep, nonstick baking pan, stainless steel cooking rack, and a 30 recipe book. You can use a baking pan to make tasty cinnamon rolls or eggs. A cooking rack that comes with this kit can double the amount of food you can layer in the basket so you do not have to do to batches to cook food for the whole family.

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