How do You Know When Oil is Hot Enough to Deep Fry?


Most of us love our food hot and deep fried. Whether it’s a warm batch of french fries or a plate of chicken, there’s nothing better than having some sweet, juicy, and deliciously fried goodies on the table. For most of us, however, we can only get such delectable treats when we go out to eat. One of the most common issues with trying to fry in your kitchen is that you can never get the oil right. Restaurants have the luxury of having a deep fryer that they can control with regards to cleanliness and temperature, but we don’t always have that capability. Learn more about how to use a deep fryer.

Nonetheless, if you purchase a deep fryer for your home, then you want to maximize your efficiency by making sure that your oil is hot enough before you toss your food into it. Unfortunately, hot oil doesn’t boil or do anything to signify when it’s ready, which means that you have to test it. Thankfully, we have four different methods which you can use to your advantage so that you will have the best-fried food every time.

Using a Thermometer

Most best deep fryers come with thermometer. If you have one of these, then that will be your best bet to check your oil.  The reason that a thermometer is so efficient is that you can tell the exact temperature for cooking. Usually, the oil has to be at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so if it’s much less than that you need to turn up the heat and wait a little longer.

But what if you don’t have a thermometer? Is there any other way to check your oil that doesn’t require you to go to the store and buy one? Well, as it turns out, there are three other methods you can use.


Grain of Rice

Most of us have at least some uncooked rice on hand, and in this method, all you need is a single grain. All you have to do is toss it into the oil and see if it rises and starts cooking. If it sinks to the bottom, then your oil is still warming up. If it’s bubbling and frying, you’re good to go.


Wooden Spoon

With this trick, you want to make sure that you handle your spoon with care and that you don’t accidentally drop it into the oil. The way this works is that you put it upside down into the fryer, with the bottom of the handle dipping in first. If the oil starts bubbling around it, then you’re ready for frying.



If you’re making fried chicken or any other kind of meat, then odds are that you have it dipped in batter before you start frying it. Thankfully, you can use this batter to your advantage by dropping a little bit into your oil. If it starts bubbling and cooking, then you can toss your meat into the fryer. If it looks limp or dull, you have to wait a little while.

Overall, it’s important that you wait until the oil is ready to go before dropping anything inside. The reason for that is you don’t want your food to get too soggy, which it will if it sits in oil for longer than is necessary. Also, if you’re frying cold or frozen foods, make sure to check the temperature between batches as it can cool down after cooking.

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