Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer 35033 Review

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Food is lowered into a fully immersed, hot oil fry chamber.
Fryer can be covered with a lid for reduced messes and spills.
Oversized 3-liter (12 cup) capacity fryer can fit almost any food - including a whole sized chicken!
Get crispy, crunchy food with classic hot oil deep frying.
Compact, stylish design makes for an elegant kitchen appliance.


Delivers delicious fried food taste, but not as healthy as air fryers.
Utilizes hot oil that can burn your skin. Operate with caution and be sure to cover your fryer with the safety lid during use.


This is a reliable, budget-friendly deep fryer that gets the job done. It doesn’t have many extra frills, but that means it’s easy to use. It offers all key things to consider when buying a deep fryer. The deep fryer chamber lets you fully submerge your food in the hot oil. This means a full and crispy cook. Seal the fryer shut with a safety lid and you’ll have less mess when you cook. Overall, the Hamilton Beach professional deep fryer is a winner!

An affordable, versatile and dependable deep fryer. The deep fry chamber can cook a lot of food at one time. Get a thorough cook and a crispier crunch with the Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer. The safety lid on the fryer makes contains accidental oil spills. This fryer is easy to put together, use and then put away.

Hamilton Beach 3-Liter Deep Fryer (35033) Features

Fully Immerse Your Food in a Fry Chamber that Cooks from Top to Bottom

This is one of the coolest features on the Hamilton Beach deep fryer. You put your food in the fry basket and lower your food down into the fry chamber. By being able to fully cover your food in hot oil, it cooks the whole way around. Never worry about inconsistent cooking of your food with this fryer.

Cover up the Fry Oil with a Lid to Cook Safer & Cleaner

There’s less chance of spills when you use the Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer. After sinking your food into the hot oil, you can cover the entire unit with a safety lid. Keep the lid on while you cook and the oil can’t boil over onto your counter. There is a sliding “window” on the top of the lid, so you don’t have to take the entire lid off just to check on your food.

Fry More Food At Once in the Oversized Fryer Basket

With three full litres (or twelve cups) worth of space, you can get more food into each fry batch. Fit up to eight cups worth of food in this fryer. Make a whole meal in just one fry. You can also fry larger foods that other fryers can’t fit. The Hamilton Beach 35033 fryer has enough room to deep fry a whole chicken! Use this deep fryer to fry up a feast for the entire family or feed a party full of friends.

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Cooks Delicious, Crispy, Crunchy Food

Use this deep fryer and have that crispy, satisfying crunch that only deep-fried food can deliver. Make homemade corndogs, beer-battered pickles, and everyone’s favorite – crispy fried chicken! The only limit with the Hamilton Beach professional deep fryer is your imagination. This fryer has everything you need to fry every food you can think of.

Intuitive User Interface Means Convenient Fry Cooking

This fryer doesn’t have a lot of extra features. Where it lacks in flash, it makes up in functionality. Just plug in the Hamilton Beach 35033 and turn it on. Aside from the on/off switch, the only other controls you need are the temperature setting and the timer. Set the fryer temperature from the minimum warm temperature all the way to 375 °F. The fryer also has an onboard “Ready” light that lets you know when the oil has reached your desired temperature. The onboard digital timer is set with just a few clicks of a button and it beeps once the food is ready.

Quick Assembly and Clean Up

The Hamilton Beach deep fryer is made of just five pieces; the submersible heating element, the fryer / oil housing, the wired food frying basket, the safety lid and a detachable power cord. This fryer sets up in just a matter of moments, so you’re ready to cook in no time. After you’re finished using the fryer, put the lid, basket and oil housing right into the dishwasher. Once you’ve cleaned up, showcase the compact fryer right on your counter or easily store it away in your cupboard. Check out more about how to clean a deep fryer.

Great Customer Satisfaction at an Affordable Price

Users of the Hamilton Beach 35033 deep fryer love how easy it is to use. It quickly heats up, indicates that it’s ready for use, and keeps track of cooking time. Setup and cleanup are a breeze. Of more than 200 verified product reviews, 80% of customers give the Hamilton Beach professional deep fryer a four or five star rating. (Check out the users’ reviews). The only complaints people have about this model of deep fryer are related to specific unit defects. The Hamilton Beach professional deep fryer is competitively priced. It delivers a lot of value for a deep fryer that is available for less than $50.

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