De’Longhi MultiFry FH1363 Review

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Automatic mixing paddle
Large 60 oz capacity
Easy cleaning
BPA-free transparent lid
One touch lid release
On/off heating function
Power level dial
Removable mixing paddle
Non-stick, anti-scratch ceramic bowl
Removable timer
Cooking instructions included


Not digital


Overall, the De’Longhi FH 1363 MultiFry Extra is an ideal alternative to deep fryers at the best price possible. At a lower cost than most of its competitors, it is perfect for anyone who wants fried, or even non-fried, healthy food to enjoy with friends and family. At a capacity of 60 oz, this fryer is capable of making a large meal for big get-togethers, but can make smaller portions for your every day meal. By using a low-oil setting, the De’Longhi FH 1363 MultiFry Extra makes delicious, healthy food while you focus on hobbies, kids or just you-time after a busy day instead of spending hours slaving over a complicated recipe.

Unlike traditional fryers that use tons of oil to cook your food, the De’Longhi uses low oil to successfully sizzle any vegetable, meat or dessert. The result? Fast and efficient cooking that mimics the savory deliciousness of your favorite guilty pleasure foods with a fraction of the oil-based fats.

This fryer is great for anyone looking for a versatile, capable fryer. Anything can be cooked inside, with or without oil. Its BPA-free, transparent lid enables you to check in on your cooking to make sure your meal is the perfect golden brown. Not only that, but its large capacity ensures that the fryer will work for most people. The biggest issue with this product is that the fryer rockets to high temperatures while cooking so make sure to use oven mitts or grab it by the handles only.

Do you find yourself sitting in the car after a long day, wishing  you were headed towards a prepared, mouth-watering meal? Or peering over three different kinds of take out and wishing there was a home cooked meal in its place? With the De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra, Air Fryer and Multi Cooker, healthy, high quality cooking has never been easier.

De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra, Air Fryer and Multi Cooker Features

This fryer has an overwhelming amount of positive aspects that outweigh its measly cons. While it easily gets to high temperatures (so be careful of burning), it is worth the risk for a hot, easily prepared meal. Everyone looks for a way to save time, since time is money, and cooking lunch, dinner or even meal prepping is a long process that no one has time for anymore. You can use this fryer for any type of cooking, even baking. These pros make it stand out from the competition.


To start, the De’Longhi FH 1363 MultiFry Extra is an affordable list price, while it goes on sale for even lower, especially when compares to other products that are more than almost double the cost. One downside to this product is that it isn’t programmable and has no electronic programming. However, this can be an upside for those wanting to get away from the complexity of cooking. Instead of dealing with the hassle of electronic programming for specific settings, simply insert the food and oil, set the timer and wait for magic to happen. The fryer even comes with easy to follow cooking instructions for basic types of potatoes, meats, shellfish, vegetables, snacks and desserts.

Easy Cleaning

One of its main attractive features is its easy cleaning. From the lid to inside and around the fryer, wiping it down, soaping and washing, and any general inspection is easy. Its unique, non-stick, anti-scratch ceramic bowl makes removing food and cleaning leftover tiny pieces a breeze. Even the timer is removable and cleanable. With its one touch lid release feature, taking out your cooked meal and serving onto plates is easier than ever. One touch and your delicious meal returns back to its warm, heat containing state.

Automated Food Mixing and Heating

The De’Longhi FH 1363 MultiFry Extra also has a state of the art automatic mixing paddle that consistently continues mixing any food. This allows you to fry, saute and roast any recipe without constantly hovering over your dish and stirring until your arm hurts. Its innovative construction of two heating elements keeps your food surrounded for a fast and even cooking process, making your food, and life, better with the help of this fryer.

If you are looing for another oil-less fryer with the mixing paddle to compare with this air fryer, you may want to check our T-fal ActiFry review. However, the ActiFry always cooks at the same temperature which is 338° F.

With today’s busy pace of life, you don’t have time to spend preparing and cooking a five-star meal every day. While take out and fast food are delicious and appealing, they hardly fit into a healthy lifestyle that maintains your standards of living. Instead, with the De’Longhi FH 1363 MultiFry Extra, you put your ingredients into the fryer and let an automated machine make your life easier. You don’t have to settle for greasy food again. With this product, you can make a healthy meal with a touch of a button.

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