Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Review

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3.9/5 on September 26, 2017

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Durable construction

Easy to use control interface

Cooks three different ways

Heat from frozen; no thawing required

Clear container shows you cooking process

No oil needed for fried foods

Save time and money

Cooks faster than a traditional oven

Large capacity feeds the whole family

Cook multiple dishes at once

Six color options available

Digital control panel for easy access

Preset cooking temperatures for convenience

Food icons let you cook worry-free

Washable components

Recipe book included

Two-year limited warranty


Can take up a lot of room on the counter

In rare cases, the heating element may take a while to activate

On rare occasions, the fan may not blow correctly


If you want a powerful and versatile cooking device that won’t break the bank, the Big Boss is the way to go.

When it comes to cooking, most of us think that we have the whole process down. However, with technology advancing so fast these days, there are new products that can help you create delicious meals much quicker and better than you ever thought possible. One of the more intricate and remarkable devices you can find is the Big Boss Air Fryer. With this machine, you can make all sorts of foods without having to rely on antiquated cooking methods. Whether you are in the mood for fried chicken or a vegetable medley, the Big Boss can handle it all.

How does Big Boss Air Fryer work?

Like most air fryers, this device operates by blowing superheated air around your food to cook it. This process creates a thick, crispy layer around your foods, which resemble the kind of breading you can find from a fryer. However, because it uses hot air instead of oil, your meals are much healthier and don’t have such a thick greasy aftertaste.

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What makes this air fryer so unique, however, is that it can cook in three different ways. First is through halogen heating, second is convection cooking, and finally, it even has an infrared element so that you can make your favorite dishes so much faster than you could in a traditional oven or fryer. To understand why this is such a big deal, let’s break down how each method works to make your food.

Halogen Cooking 101

The way that this kind of process works is that it uses a bright halogen bulb to create heat rather than a hot metal heating element. You’ve most likely felt a hot light bulb before, but this oven takes that idea to the next level. By increasing the number of watts pumping through the system, it raises the temperature significantly, which helps cook your food faster.

Is Halogen Cooking Safe?

There is nothing in the halogen bulb or heating element that would be harmful to your food, and it doesn’t emit much more heat than a standard oven. Overall, the reason to upgrade to halogen is that it creates heat faster than normal and holds the temperature much better as a result.

Convection Cooking 101

Technically speaking, any oven that uses hot air to cook your food (read: all of them) are considered convection models, but in this case, the term refers to the fact that the oven distributes this heated air much more evenly with the use of a fan. Without the fan, there would be certain hot spots that are warmer than others, which can lead to uneven cooking temperatures throughout your food. If you’ve ever had to turn something in the middle of heating it, then you know how that works. Thus, because this oven uses a fan you never have to worry about parts of your meal being under or overcooked.

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Infrared Cooking 101

Typically speaking, this kind of method is still quite expensive if you get a high-quality infrared grill. Fortunately, the Big Boss has a smaller version of the same technology, so you get all of the benefits at a more affordable price.

Infrared heating is similar to all other forms of oven cooking, but it uses a much more concentrated heat wave that results in higher temperatures and faster cooking times. While a traditional oven can go as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit, an infrared one will bottom out at about 700-900, depending on the model. NuWave ovens also use infrared heat to cook food.

Is Infrared Cooking Safe?

Overall, the biggest danger of using this kind of cooking method is that it will heat your food exceptionally fast, which means that you could burn it if you aren’t paying attention. The process, however, is safe and doesn’t contaminate your food, but you do have to be careful about the high temperatures and the burn hazards that they create.


Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Review

Highlighted features

Triple-Cooking Method

With most air fryers, you can only roast or fry your favorite dishes. With the Big Boss, however, you can roast, broil, bake, fry, and grill. The secret is the fact that it uses halogen, convection, and infrared heating to make your next meal. Overall, this one machine will replace most of the other cooking appliances that you already have.

Dual Cooking Trays

If you have to cook for heavy eaters, then you need to be able to make enough for seconds and thirds if necessary. Fortunately, the Big Boss is not just a clever name, but it refers to the fact that this machine has a 16-quart capacity and comes with dual cooking trays so that you can make two dishes at the same time. Prepare your main dish with a side without having to dirty any other pots, pans, or utensils.

Energy and Heat Efficient

With a regular oven, cooking can be such a long and arduous process that will test your patience. With all three cooking methods included in the Big Boss, however, you can cut your heating time by a substantial margin. Best of all, it works so well that you can even toss frozen food into the bowl without thawing. Talk about a time-saver.

Recipe Book Included

If all of this seems a bit daunting to you, then you will be happy to know that the Big Boss comes with a book of recipes to help you get started. This way you can figure out the potential of the machine without having to resort to trial and error methods to make it happen.


Big Boss Air Fryer vs. Regular Air Fryers

One of the main advantages that the Big Boss has over more traditional models is that it can do so much more than fry and roast your favorite dishes. With infrared and halogen cooking, you can make all kinds of dishes, including desserts. That being said, let’s see how they compare.

  • Versatility: The Big Boss has a lot more to offer than most other air fryers thanks to its multitude of cooking methods.
  • Price: When compared with most other air fryers, the Big Boss is not that much more expensive, although it can be quite a bit higher than some models.
  • Size: The Big Boss lives up to its name by taking up more counter space than a regular air fryer.
  • Reliability: Since you have more cooking methods available to you, the machine doesn’t break down as much as other models, and it provides better results more consistently.

Verdict: Even though this machine is a bit more than a standard air frying model, it’s worth the investment.

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Big Boss Air Fryer vs. NuWave Oven

As we mentioned, one of the major selling points of the Big Boss is that it uses three different cooking methods to get your next meal just right. The NuWave Oven also has this distinction, meaning that it’s much easier to compare them since they both work in similar ways. That being said, here is how they stack up.

  • Cooking Methods: Both machines operate efficiently, but because the NuWave Oven has a more powerful heating element it does warm up quicker. However, the Big Boss does have a better fan so that it can work a bit faster overall. Comparatively speaking, they are about the same.
  • Price: The Big Boss is much cheaper than the NuWave, although it doesn’t have as long of a warranty, so that can make up the difference.
  • Versatility: Both devices can roast, broil, fry, and bake without any significant issues.
  • Cleaning: The NuWave is much easier to clean, and almost all parts are dishwasher safe. The Big Boss is best washed by hand, although you can machine wash the racks.

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