NuWave 20632 Pro Plus Oven with Extender Ring Review

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4.6/5 on August 11, 2017

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867 reviews


Simple to use
Easy to Program
Cooks food faster and more efficiently than traditional ovens
Uses 75% less energy than traditional ovens
Cooks food 70% faster than traditional ovens
Is spacious enough to store a 16 pound turkey or a 14 pound ham
Has a delay timer so you can have it start cooking food exactly when you need to
Includes two baking pans


 Does not include a rotating rotisserie
 The instruction booklet isn’t that detailed
 You have to experiment with your oven to figure out the differences between baking in a traditional oven vs. a convection oven


Overall, ,this is a highly rated, energy efficient, time-saving oven that would be a great addition to your home. If you have never cooked with a quality convection oven before, the NuWave may rock your world with how perfectly and evenly it cooks anything that you put in it.

Convection ovens are a great way to perfectly cook a wide variety different foods. If you have never used a convection oven before, they use convection technology to perfectly circulate hot air throughout the oven to put the perfect, even cook on your foods. The problem with traditional ovens is that they have heating elements that only cook your food from one or two directions, and do not provide the proper circulation of air to make sure that your food is evenly cooked.

With proper air circulation, the right convection oven will help you cook faster, and whether you are baking a rotisserie chicken, a pizza, or an oven full of cupcakes, you will have a perfectly even cook with all of them.

Today we are going to be taking a look at one of NuWave oven models. The NuWave oven is an awesome convection oven that does not only has a convection heating element but also cooks food using conduction and infrared heating elements. Click here for more detail about what the NuWave oven is and the comparison between NuWave oven and air fryer.

While you can check out all NuWave Oven reviews for comparison of all models, we will focus only on NuWave 20632 Pro Plus Oven with Extender Ring in this article.


Highlighted Features

To give you the best possible overview of this unique convection oven, let’s take a look at some of the finest features that this convection oven has to offer.

Infrared, Conduction, and Convection Cooking

What’s great about this oven is that it includes setting for infrared, conduction, and convection cooking, which gives you a variety of different ways that you can cook your food. As we mentioned earlier, the unique selling point of this convection oven is that it uses convection technology to perfectly circulate hot air throughout your oven so that you can get the perfect cook on your food.

With your standard conduction ovens, you aren’t going to get as balanced or even of a bake on your foods as you will with convection and infrared technology.


Saves Energy and Cooks Faster

Another big plus to using this convection oven is that it actually saves you energy while you are cooking. This oven uses 75% less energy than you would be using with a conventional oven, and it also cooks foods 70% faster than the conventional oven.


Different Settings for Your Food

The great thing about cooking with this oven is that there are a ton of different settings that you can use to cook or heat your food. It includes different buttons to change up how you want to cook your food, which includes a reheat setting that you can use to reheat food the leftovers that you have cooked in your convection oven.



One thing that we really like about this oven is the shear size of the inside of the oven, and the amount of food that you can cook at one time. This convection oven can hold up to a 16 pound turkey or a 14 pound ham, and it will bake it faster than a conventional oven will.


Dome Design

The design of this oven is something that really sets it apart from the other convection ovens that you will see in the store or online. It has a unique dome design that allows for the air in the oven to perfectly circulate and evenly cook anything that you are baking in your oven, whether that be a turkey, ham, pizza, cupcake, or bagels. This design and the cooking efficiency of this model of convection oven definitely makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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Digital Panel

The digital panel and the controls on this convection oven make it really easy to use. The intuitive design of the controls and the buttons on the oven make it very simple to use and setup for whatever you need to bake.

It has buttons that allow you to set

– The cooking temperature of the oven

– Reheat for heating up leftovers

– Cook time

– Pause/Clear

– Delay

– Warm

And perfectly bake or reheat your food.


Who is this For?

This convection oven would be great for anyone who needs to or wants to cook faster meals, more efficiently. Whether you are a single person that wants to save time cooking and keep it as low-maintenance as possible, or you have a family and want to cook an entire turkey or chicken to feed your whole family, this would be a great purchase for you.


Who is this Not For?

If you already have a great convection oven in your home, you may not need another one. Also, since this is a smaller, countertop model, if you are a professional chef or happen to cook for a living, this oven may be lackluster for your expertise and cooking needs.

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